Let’s Meet Hoodie

Doris Hood is a native New Yorker and most lovingly known as “Hoodie”, she is the mother of nine (9) children, children that she gave birth to that is, but she is the mother to many, many more. Despite having a house full of children, her door was always open to all of the neighborhood children as well. This was evidenced one day when a community mother was looking for her child, a friend of one of her children, came to her home looking for her son. The mother was told that her child was not there. Little did Hoodie know that the child had in fact snuck into the house and was hiding in the basement not wanting to go home, mainly due to that child feeling safe, engaged and nurtured in the past by Hoodie.

Hoodie's House of Hope

In raising her children, she was tireless in ensuring that each one of them attended school daily, and to ensure they were in school, she would conduct surprise visits so it was not unusual to look up and see her peeking into the classroom. She attended every parent teacher conference of every child through high school. Her children would make something of themselves. And they have – college graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers, preachers, business professionals.

Hoodie just loves children and believes that every child can achieve. In working for the NYC Department of Education for over 40 years, every child became her cause. She worked in high schools and had a meaningful relationship with many children, not just while they were in high school, but several of them still keep in touch with her to this day. They write to her from points across the country, keeping her informed of their lives, send pictures of their children, and call from time to time and when they are in New York, it is essential that they stop by to see her. She also hears from them while they are engaged in military service. It is not unusual for someone to stop her in the mall and say, “Hi, I remember you from high school.”

Every child is her child…She is every child’s mother!

About Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth
Honor is born out of a desire to serve humanity and community. So it is with this attitude of service and a desire to aid our youth, young adults and community, through individual and corporate financial sponsorships, donations, partnerships and volunteers, that Jeffrey A. Hood, Founder and President, and a committed Board of Directors, assist the Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth organization in the realization of its mission. This non-profit charitable organization seeks to offer the necessary support to enhance the lives of youth and young adults that reside within the underserved region of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and on occasion, New York and Missouri communities. It has proposed to aid and/or support youth and young adult peer mentoring programs, structured after-school and summer educational enrichment programs, computer enrichment programmatic endeavors, leadership development, substance abuse prevention and education, self-improvement skills, decision-making guidance and team concept awareness. Additionally, the Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth organization will seek to aid, support and bring awareness to homelessness and hunger related endeavors.

Our Mission…
The mission for the organization is to raise proceeds that would aid, support, engage and provide assistance to underserved Charlotte Mecklenburg, and on occasion, New York and Missouri community based youth related causes and organizations, as well as, to engage in bringing awareness and support to Homelessness, Hunger, Education, Leadership Development and Out of School Time related initiatives.

The goal of the Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth organization is to provide educational, programmatic, and structured support to youth housed within underserved communities, while aiding them in improving their decision-making skills and preparing them for a successful future, thus enhancing the quality of their lives and allowing them to make positive contributions to society. Additionally, it is the goal of the organization to reduce homelessness, hunger and youth related dropout rates.

Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth, giving community and youth an opportunity to Dream, Hope, Believe & Achieve
Community Holiday Celebration of Hope

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